Reflection: Marriage A, Part 3

There’s been a lot of new developments since the last time I wrote. Before I can get into that though, I want to look at the events that transpired in between my aunt’s death and now. Continue reading “Reflection: Marriage A, Part 3”

New Year 2020 Update

Hello Friend

Did you miss me? Its been a while since my last post.

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Reflection: Marriage A, Part 2

My aunt passed away a little over a month ago. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I figured that if I can just get the words out in writing, look at the whole situation and maybe somehow I’ll know. She had been sick for many years with a similar pulmonary illness that my father had. Usually, when someone dies, you can at least accept the fact that they lived a good life and were happy. In this case, I just feel like she deserved better than what she got.  Continue reading “Reflection: Marriage A, Part 2”

Holding on to an image

Sometimes I wonder if I hold on too hard to the image of someone I formed from past experiences. Whether it’s a positive or negative image, I might see them as better or worse than they actually are. Continue reading “Holding on to an image”

Reflection: Marriage A, Part 1

In my family, there are 3 distinct marriages I would consider bad or failed. One of these came to an end recently when “death did them part”. Since each of the relationships are family members, I do feel bad about the situation they are in. While I might argue that modern marriages in India might have improved, traditional arranged marriages are generally terrible in my opinion.  Continue reading “Reflection: Marriage A, Part 1”

An Elder Mindset

I had a realization while reading a post someone shared. It was a comic where an older brother was playing video games with his younger brother. Every time they played, the older brother would beat the brother (in the game). This time, however, the little brother won. The little brother was so happy that he ran out to tell everyone. As the older brother is left sitting there, their mother walks in. She says, “did he actually beat you or did you let him win?” Continue reading “An Elder Mindset”

Euphoria: Post 3, Semalo

About a little more than a week ago…
It was a sunny day in Semalo with a few clouds decorating the blue sky. A cool breeze lazily blew, signaling the end of the summer months. Its residents crowded the streets quietly waiting to pay respects. People kept trying to peek over each other’s shoulders to get a better view of the passing casket. It was traditionally carried on the shoulders of male relatives of the deceased. It was also a tradition for family members to have red lines drawn from below their eyelids to their cheek. The red color, made from the crimson tear flower with scented oil, was meant to represent a blood connection. Many of the townspeople had black lines similarly drawn which was meant to show sympathy and respect. The path the casket followed was covered by white petals of the glemt flower.

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